Are you interested in playing elite level cricket in the USA and/or want more information about top level playing opportunities in the USA?

If you are interested in playing cricket at a high-level domestically in the USA and/or for one of the USA national teams, Men’s or Women’s, or for any of our Youth sides, then please complete the below form to provide as much information as possible about you and your playing experience. 

USA Cricket will then assess your standard and suitability and provide the most relevant information to you about appropriate playing opportunities, including with Minor League Cricket and/or Major League Cricket in due course.  

Please note that there is no need to follow up with further e-mails, phone-calls or social-media questions regarding your Player Registration:  as long as you have completed the form and get the prompt that the form has been successfully submitted, we have received the details we require and your registration will be reviewed by the appropriate people.

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