At age nine, Anika discovered her passion for cricket in her family's garage, and the sport has stuck with her ever since. The garage soon became Anika, a.k.a. Niks' Eden Gardens, with her dad and brother as curators, coaches, and equipment providers.

An American-born right-hand wicketkeeper/batter, Niks prefers to bat 1-3 and has represented San Ramon Cricket Academy and Major League Cricket Academy in USA domestic cricket. She is motivated by the enormous effort her parents and brother have put in to help her achieve her dream of representing the USA. Making her family, coaches, and teammates proud further drives her.

Fulfilling her childhood dream of wearing the colors of USA Cricket is a gratifying feeling for the cricketer. For her, playing cricket is almost like escaping from reality, and where she can focus on her goals and push herself to the next level. The Dublin, CA resident is most proud of hitting her first two boundaries on her international T20i debut, with her family cheering her on from behind the boundary. A big fan of Alyssa Healy, the Australian cricketer, Niks cherishes receiving the Best Wicketkeeper award in a Girls Cricket League tournament and hitting her first half-century on Indian soil at Karnataka Institute of Cricket.


Playing Number

Team Role

Right-arm Spinner


California, USA



Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Hitting her first two boundaries on International T20 debut at ICC Americas, Qualifier, Mexico 2021

Favorite Cricketer

Alyssa Healy