Tall, strong, and athletic. Timroy Allen is USA’s x-factor player, and has often rescued the side with either bat or ball when they’ve had their backs against the wall.

Is a right arm fast-bowling all-rounder in the same mold as his favorite player, Andre Russell. But unlike Russell, is also capable of bowling more than decent off spin when the situation requires. Has also been a regular member of the Jamaica Tallawahs team in the Caribbean Premier League for the last couple of seasons.

Timroy Allen could be one of the most natural athletes in the US team. He has all of the physical attributes required to be a champion – strength, size, speed; and all of the cricketing skill to have an immense impact in any match he plays. He has had some remarkable performances for the US over the years with both bat and ball, but when pressed about his career highlight to date he speaks about how cricket is a team game, and that he wouldn’t be able to do the things he does without the other 10 guys giving their all as well. You can add ‘humble’ to his list of attributes. Rather than dwelling on past glories, he instead prefers to look ahead to the future.


Playing Number

Team Role

Fast bowler, Lower middle order batsman, occasional off-spin bowler


Orlando, Florida



Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Hopefully I will have one on the next tour. None yet 😉

Favorite Cricketer

Andre Russell

“I have a lot more to offer the US team. I’m choosing to put my head down knowing the results will come.”

Bio Continued...

He certainly seems like a man on a mission. Something that will please his team-mates no end, and strike fear into the opposition. A firing Timroy Allen is a sight to behold!

Allen arrived in the US from his native Jamaica in 2005. By 2008 he was in the US team as a 21-year-old and had a pretty immediate impact with his medium fast right-arm bowling. 5 for 7 against Suriname being one performance worthy of note. Unfortunately, injury struck in 2010, and he was out of cricket for 2 years. To his credit he fought his way back to the US team in 2012, this time making an impression with willow in hand, blazing 72 not out off 43 balls against Malaysia in his comeback match.Again, however his time in US colors was short-lived. This time the pressure of having a young family, and the insecurity of life as a cricketer in the US took its toll. He had effectively retired from cricket.

Thankfully for all concerned he returned to the sport he loved in 2015. A more mature athlete, with a healthy perspective that comes from having a wife and kid, means that Timroy Allen is on a mission to ‘Give back to America’ as he puts it. He is excited about the direction that cricket is taking in the USA, saying that players can now be motivated knowing that their hard work and on field performance will be recognized. He feels that youngsters these days have a legitimate reason to aim to play for the US, knowing that they will be looked after and treated with respect. In closing he wanted to send this message to all aspiring cricketers…

“Never settle for where you are. Back your confidence and always aim higher’

Words that we hope will ring true for him and his team mates as they head away to Uganda for the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 tournament.