Uzma Iftikhar is a Bay Area, California resident born in Pakistan and raised in Canada in a family of athletes. She grew up playing multiple sports, including softball and volleyball. She never played cricket but was a fan of the sport during that time, often watching matches with her sisters, friends, and family.

It was not until she was 23 years old that she connected with the sport of cricket, and as the saying goes – it has been a love affair since then.

Often called Uzi by her teammates, she was unable to find a place to play cricket during her college days but eventually found a coach who taught her how to play hardball cricket. Uzi’s skills and talents as an athlete helped her succeed early on in her playing career. She felt cricket was a sport that required a significant deal of effort than other sports. In the past, she let her athleticism carry her performances in other sports, but cricket demanded a further sense of focus and dedication. After playing in Canada on the national team, Uzi moved to the USA and has seen a great deal of improvement within Team USA. She has seen them become more competitive with blossoming talent over the years. She hopes to continue adding value to the team’s strength on the international stage.

For Uzma Iftikhar, a big fan of Australian female cricket Beth Mooney, being a part of the USA team that won the 2019 ICC Americas T20 Qualifier, is her cricketing career highlight thus far.


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San Francisco, California



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Career Highlights

Representing both Canada and the USA on the international stage.

Favorite Cricketer

Beth Mooney