Ray started playing cricket at the age of 6 when his dad encouraged him to pick up the sport.

Ever since Razor picked up a bat his goal has been to make Team USA and next month he will don the Red, White and Blue in Toronto at the U19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier.

Ray’s biggest inspiration on the field is Hashim Amla. Despite facing great criticism and adversity, Amla managed to break the stereotypes and has since become one of the best batsmen in the world.

This type of perseverance motivates and inspires Ray and he looks to Amla as a great example of what determination and hard work looks like.


Playing Number

Team Role



New Jersey


Ray or Razor

Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Scoring his first hundred, making the Atlantic Region U-15 at 9, and making USA U-17

Favorite Cricketer

Hashim Amla