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USA Cricket Women’s Intra-Regional Competition Concludes Successfully

July 4, 2024

USA Cricket’s (USAC) 2024 Women’s Intra-regional competition – the country-wide women’s domestic cricket season that spanned six weeks and 90 matches – has concluded.

While the USA men’s national team were participating in the historic ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, women and girls across the country were competing on the domestic circuit. The competition served as a platform for players to exhibit their skills in the T20 and 40-over formats before advancing to the national championships for the seniors, under 19 and under 15 categories this summer.

Ms. Celeste du Toit, the Women’s Coordinator at USAC, reflected on the recent competition outcome: “The participation of 15 teams from 4 regions provided valuable insights into the talent pool within the country and the development pipeline. The noticeable growth and increased engagement in women’s cricket in recent years have been a positive sign. USAC is committed to organizing similar tournaments in the future to continuously attract new talent into the system.”

Players’ performances from the Intra-regional competition are under evaluation to form squads for the respective national championships.

The U15 National Championship is slated to field an East and West Conference team while the U19 National Championship will feature four (4) teams for the very first time, given the growth in the pipeline of domestic players. In previous years, the U19 National Championship fielded only two (2) teams. The senior Women’s National Championship will once again feature four (4) regional teams. Details about the national championships to be announced soon.

USA Cricket thanks all players, coaches, managers, Volunteer Team Coordinators (VTCs) administrators, parents and other volunteers for their unwavering support and commitment to the Intraregionals and the development of women’s cricket.

Standout performers from the 2024 Intra-regional competition by region:

East Region:

Player  Statistics  Team 
Most Runs Rithvika Karri 8 matches, 192 runs
Most Wickets  Sanjana Arul 8 matches, 14 wickets

Central Region:

Player Statistics  Team 
Most Runs Ritu Singh 11 matches, 529 runs
Most Wickets Ritu Singh 11 matches, 12 wickets

West Region:

Player  Statistics  Team 
Most Runs 


Chetna Reddy Pagydyala 7 matches, 183 runs
Most Wickets Anjana Marella 8 matches, 11 wickets

Southwest Region:

Player Statistics  Team
Most Runs


Laasya Bandaru 5 matches, 175 runs
Most Wickets Rhea Nadkarni 5 matches, 8 wickets

Overall Top Performers By Skill: 

Most Runs

Player  Statistics  Team 
Ritu Singh 11 matches, 529 runs
Geetika Kodali 12 matches, 368 runs
Shantal Stewart 10 matches, 274 runs


Most Wickets:

Player  Statistics  Team 
Sanjana Arul 8 matches, 14 wickets
Ritu Singh 11 matches, 12 wickets
Anjana Marella 8 matches, 11 wickets

Economy Rate: 

Player  Statistics  Team 
Varshita Jambula 8 matches, 2.06 econ
Aditi Chudasama 8 matches, 2.31 econ
Sanjana Arul 8 matches, 2.67 econ


Wicket Keeping:

Player  Statistics  Team 
Anika Kolan 14 dismissals
Sindhu Sriharsha 12 dismissals
Pooja Ganesh 12 dismissals



Player  Statistics  Team 
Geetika Kodali 11 catches
Isani Vaghela 9 catches
Halimah Vikar 9 catches

All Intra-regional competition results and statistics can be found here.



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