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USA Women’s Cricket Team Gears Up for 2024 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier

By: Yashaaditi Teki

After a triumphant performance at the ICC Women’s T20 America’s Qualifiers, the spotlight is now on the USA Women’s Cricket Team as they gear up for the highly anticipated 2024 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers in Abu Dhabi. With their eyes set on making a mark on the international stage, the team has been diligently preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

The team’s preparations commenced with a rigorous four-day selection camp held at the Orlando Cricket Ground (OCG) in Florida. Twenty-four talented players underwent intense training during this camp. Following the camp and after meticulous evaluation, the management finalized a squad of fifteen players along with a traveling reserve who will represent the USA Women’s Cricket team at the qualifiers.

Leading this young and ambitious squad is captain Sindhu Sriharsha, whose experience and leadership qualities are set to play a pivotal role in guiding the team through the tournament. Speaking about their expectations, Sriharsha expressed, “Coming off our 6-game winning streak from the America’s qualifiers, we are looking forward to carrying the same intent into the upcoming tour as we aim to play in the finals of the World Cup Qualifiers”. She emphasized on the importance of, “creating a safe environment within the team where the players feel free to express themselves on and off the field and not fear trying new processes”. Assisting Sriharsha in her captaincy duties is the newly appointed vice-captain, Anika Kolan, who emphasized on the team’s goals and expectations stating that, “I believe that our team is well-rounded in a way where we have prepared well and can play positive cricket in the UAE”. She further elaborated that it is, “expected that our team will demonstrate strong teamwork and cohesion on and off the field and effective communication, mutual support, and trust among team members are crucial for success in a tournament of this caliber”.

One of the significant milestones during the upcoming tour is their return to ODI cricket after a hiatus since 2021 and playing a historical series since the USA Women’s team have received their ODI status. The USA Women returned to ODI cricket with a series they played against PNG and Scotland in Dubai prior to the Quadrangular series and World Cup Qualifiers in Abu Dhabi. This resurgence presents a great opportunity for the players to test their skills in the longer format of the game. Reflecting on this opportunity, Sriharsha remarked, “It is a very exciting opportunity for the team as we are having all 11 players making their ODI debut in this series.” Kolan further added that, “I believe that the biggest test during the ODI series will not only be the level of cricket we play but exercising positive mental strength. Since it is a longer format compared to T20 cricket, it is important to stay focused on playing proper cricket and keeping the team’s goals in mind.”

Among the squad are three new debutants: Pooja Ganesh, Pooja Shah, and Saanvi Immadi. These talented players are enthusiastic about the challenges that lie ahead of the tournament. Pooja Ganesh shared her excitement, saying, “I am really excited for the tour because it is my first time getting selected for the women’s team as I have only played U19 so far”. Pooja Shah added, “It is an honor to be able to represent the USA women’s team on such a grand stage as this is an opportunity, I never expected I would get and it will be a great experience playing with and against some of the best teams at the qualifiers” Saanvi Immadi expressed her determination, stating, “I am looking forward to bowling against higher experienced players and overcoming challenges with the team.”

As the USA Women’s Cricket Team sets its sights on the 2024 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers, there is an air of optimism and determination within the squad. With their preparation complete and their goals set high, they are ready to embrace the challenges that await them on the cricketing stage. The stage is set, the players are ready; all that remains is to let their cricket do the talking.

The USA Women kick off their historic series opener versus PNG on April 11th at the Dubai International Stadium.