USA Cricket is delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Samp Group, as the organization takes on the role of the Title sponsor for the upcoming U19 Women’s National Championship in 2023.

This collaboration is a significant milestone for USA Cricket, reflecting the growing support for women’s cricket. As the Title sponsor, Samp Group demonstrates a shared commitment to fostering an environment of growth, excellence, and inclusivity within women’s cricket.

“We are excited to welcome Samp Group as the Title sponsor for the U19 Women’s National Championship. This partnership is a testament to the increasing recognition and support for women’s cricket in the United States,” stated Nadia Gruny, USA Cricket Board Director and Chair of the Women and Girls Committee.

The tournament will now proudly bear the name “Samp Group USA Cricket U19 Women’s National Championship 2023,” symbolizing a union of cricketing passion and corporate vision. Samp Group’s sponsorship represents a significant stride forward in propelling the women’s game to new heights and encouraging aspiring young athletes.

USA Cricket looks forward to an exciting championship that not only showcases the immense talent of young female cricketers but also sets the stage for the future of women’s cricket in the country.


USA Cricket is the National Federation for cricket in the United States as recognized by the International Cricket Council. USA Cricket’s mission is to govern, regulate, develop and promote all forms of cricket at all levels in the United States, and to enable U.S. cricketers to achieve sustained competitive excellence and successfully compete in national and international competition. Through a diverse Board of Directors that has representation from most cricket stakeholder groups, USA Cricket will lead the sport to new heights by creating and administering value added programs to grow and develop the sport.