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“Each week we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the members of our International Squads. Find out more about your heroes in our Mens and Womens #TeamUSA squads.”

Originally hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Nadia Gruny was born into a world surrounded by cricket. She began playing the sport at 10 years old, going on to play some tournaments in high school and then transitioning to competitive cricket at age 25.

She remembers being the feeder for her brothers when they would play, but never thought about pursuing the game past casual cricket.

One of the hardest obstacles to climb for Nadia was the lack of women role models playing the sport. She moved to Georgia where she worked for a local cricket league as an administrator before moving to California and starting her own team.

Nadia has found a sense of purpose and pride in representing Team USA and wants to be a role model for younger women to inspire them in the sport.