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USA Cricket’s Nominating & Governance Committee (NGC) would like to provide another update on progress of the delayed 2020 USA Cricket Elections.

  • During the peer review period, the NGC received a large number of review requests as well as related questions and concerns, all of which have now been reviewed and addressed as appropriate.

  • Only USA Cricket members who registered by March the 15th 2021 (or as authorized by USA Cricket) and paid dues by September 19th 2021 have been considered for eligibility to vote in these 2020 elections.  Any individual or club who had been members in years prior to 2021 or became members after September 19th 2021 (when the official membership portal reopened) have not been considered for these elections.

  • Given the extended time that has elapsed since when the candidates were initially announced in April 2021, they have all been vetted again to ensure they continue to meet the candidate eligibility criteria, including passing background checks and abiding by the USA Cricket Code of Ethics.

The NGC relies on USA Cricket to supply eligible member lists for individuals and clubs as they are the ones who register members after checking membership information and collecting dues.  Since the publication of the USAC-supplied preliminary voter lists, the NGC received a number of peer reviews while also making note of public reviews of these lists.  The NGC has since been proactively helping USAC by ensuring that all eligible members are included in the voter lists while none of the ineligible members are included, as per the Constitution and any applicable amendments.  The NGC is currently awaiting the latest revision of the club and individual member lists from USAC after the final round of feedback.

Once the final lists are supplied by USA Cricket and approved by the NGC, they will be sent along with the final candidate list to BiggsKofford, an independent audit firm, which has been retained for audit review purposes.  Once that successfully completes and the voter lists are published, the formal campaigning period will start, which will be followed by the 2-week election voting period.  After the voting period concludes, the votes cast will be tabulated and validated by the election provider (Election Buddy) and the results certified by the audit firm. The NGC will then announce the results after informing the USA Cricket Board and the candidates.

Kindly stay tuned for further updates as we continue to make progress.