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Inaugural Elections move one step closer with eligible voter list publications

By May 5, 2018 No Comments

As the new USA Cricket has developed, it has always strived to be world-class in everything it does. That includes the critically important inaugural Board of Directors elections and the transparency, integrity and fairness that accompanies those elections.

The first step in that process with respect to the transparency is the posting of the eligible voter lists for those who had registered as members with USA Cricket and met the requirements per the Constitution to be eligible to vote by 11:59p ET on April 24, 2018. The lists can be found in the documents section of the website here and are set up as follows:

Eligible Organizations – Broken into two reports, the first shows the voting Leagues and their respective Clubs that are eligible to vote in the election for the League and Club Director seats. The second report shows additional voting Clubs that are members of non-voting Leagues. Both of these reports show the cricketers registered with USA Cricket aligned to those Clubs that made the Leagues and Clubs eligible to vote (registered with USA Cricket with at least 12 cricketers for a Club and at least three Clubs with 12 cricketers for a League). If you are listed on these reports as a voting League or Club, the election ballot will be emailed to the administrator who purchased the membership for the League or Club. If you would like to change the designated voter, the administrator who purchased the membership should email the change to by no later than 11.59p ET on May 15.

Eligible IndividualsThis report shows the Individuals who met the membership requirements (cricketers, admins, coaches, umpires) including the background check if required and who are eligible to vote for the three Individual Director seats.

International PlayersThis report shows the cricketers that meet the female or male “International Player” definition as defined by the Constitution and are eligible to vote for the respective female or male Player Director seats. These individuals are only eligible to vote for the Player Directors and not the Individual Directors.

As part of this “peer review” process, USA Cricket encourages the membership to review these lists to ensure they accurately capture your own affiliation as well as appropriately reflect the cricket community as a whole. As a reminder, for purposes of the elections, cricketers can only be aligned to one primary Club. If you believe there are errors with either your own record or that of a League or Club, please send an email to by no later than noon ET on Friday, May 11. All cases will be reviewed by the Sustainable Foundation Advisory Committee on May 12 before posting the final list the following week.

To date, USA Cricket’s membership drive has been very successful and includes the following highlights: more than 8,000 Individual members including cricketers, coaches, umpires, administrators, fans and youth, 22 voting Leagues, 151 voting Clubs, an additional 67 non-voting member Leagues and 170 non-voting member Clubs and over 1,800 Clubs are represented in the membership system with at least one individual registered to that Club.