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  • ICC Foundation Certificate launched as entirely online course across the United States of America.
  • Will serve as the first stage of the USA Cricket Coaching pathway and a prerequisite for the USA Cricket Level 1: Coaching Fundamentals course.
  • Remaining stages of the USA Cricket Level 1: Coaching Fundamentals course to be released in the coming weeks.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) have launched their online Foundation Certificate Course which will now officially become the first stage of the USA Cricket coaching pathway as part of the USA Cricket Level 1: Coaching Fundamentals course.

The new course is delivered entirely online and is open to anyone seeking to take their first step on the coaching ladder, and can be accessed by clicking this link. The course equips participants with the knowledge necessary to support qualified coaches in the delivery of fun-first experiences for new and beginner participants.

The ICC Foundation Certificate doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the game, and introduces learners to the basic fundamentals of cricket, and what it takes to facilitate cricket sessions. The course is entirely self-paced, meaning it can be done as fast or as slow as the learner wants.

Six modules make up the ICC Foundation Certificate

  • The Game
  • Safety & Inclusion
  • The Participants
  • The Coach
  • Effective Training Sessions
  • Game Day

Assessments are available at the end of each module, and require the aspiring coach to hit the pass mark of 75% before progressing to the next module. Once all six modules and assessments have been completed, a certificate of completion will be issued.

USA Cricket Level 1: Coaching Fundamentals

Whilst the ICC Foundation Course serves as the 1st stage of the USA Cricket Level 1: Coaching Fundamentals course, the remaining modules will be released later in Q1 of 2022. The remaining modules will further prepare aspiring coaches with the skills and knowledge required to deliver coaching programs to beginner participants by expanding on the Foundation Course with real-world and practical applications.

In order to register for this course, participants will need to be members of USA Cricket and have successfully passed the ICC Foundation Certificate.

The USA Cricket Level 1: Coaching Fundamentals is split into five components, and is delivered through online and in-person learning:

  • ICC Foundation Course (six online modules) 
  • Additional online learning (three modules)
  • Face to face practical experience
  • Practical assessment
  • First Aid and Safeguarding certificates.

Once these have been completed successfully, participants will be accredited as an USA Cricket Level 1 coach.

USA Cricket Development Manager Jamie Lloyd said, “Like with the USA Cricket’s Umpire program, which is already well advanced, we will be releasing a full Program and Pathway for coaching in the next few months. However, we felt it prudent to release the first stage of the Level 1 as soon as it was available as we know there is a huge demand for coaching education and resources across the country. We have been working incredibly closely with Zubin Surkari and others at the ICC to produce this world-class Foundation course, and we are extremely excited to partner with the ICC to offer it at no cost to all our members and anyone else who is interested. ”

ICC Americas Development Manager Zubin Surkari added, “Whilst we have produced this resource for the benefit of our global cricket community, we strongly feel that USA Cricket is in a unique position to make the most of this new resource. Cricket coaching has evolved rapidly in the last decade or so, and these new approaches can be established as bedrock philosophies in the fledgling USA Cricket ecosystem whereas more mature cricket markets may struggle to adapt. Jamie Lloyd and a number of other individuals and groups within the USA were tremendously helpful as we developed and trialled some of this material, and I feel confident it will be well received in the United States and beyond.”