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  • Annual General Meeting set for 5pm PST/8pm EST on Sunday, May 16th, 2021 
  • Additional commitment to increase transparency through publication of previous and future Board meeting minutes

2nd Annual General Meeting Confirmed 

At a meeting on Wednesday, March 31st, the USA Cricket Board noted that the overwhelming response to the membership drive and the recent lawsuit had caused a delay to the conclusion of the upcoming elections in line with the timeline previously announced by the Nominating & Governance Committee. 

The AGM was previously planned to immediately follow the development of a new membership base and the conclusion of the elections. However, given the uncertainty, the Board felt that it was important to now go ahead and fix the date of its second AGM.

As such, the 2nd USA Cricket AGM will be held on Sunday, May 16th, at 5pm PST/8pm EST via Video Conference Call, and it will be open to all individuals who have completed the membership registration process by that time. It is hoped that this advance notice and the scheduling of the meeting on a Sunday evening will allow as many people as possible who wish to attend the best chance of doing so. 

A full agenda and details of the logistics for the AGM and how members can participate will be shared in due course but key aspects of the meeting will include a review of 2020 activities and the presentation of the 2020 Annual Report, an update on the lawsuit and elections (if applicable), a full presentation of the USA Cricket/ACE relationship and the key elements of the contractual relationship between the two parties and a progress report against the key activities set out in the Foundational Plan. 

Publication of Board Meeting Minutes

In an effort to continue building trust within the membership, the Board also agreed to increase the levels of transparency around its governance and operation through the publication of all previous and future Board meeting minutes.  It is anticipated that these minutes will be made publicly available on the USA Cricket website within the next ten days.  

USA Cricket Chief Executive, Iain Higgins, commented, “2020 was a difficult year for USA Cricket as it was for all of sport, business and society around the world. However, despite the challenges, USA Cricket was able to make some significant progress towards making cricket a mainstream sport in the USA and we look forward to reflecting on 2020 with our membership at the AGM as well as focusing on the challenges that lie ahead.  

We are especially keen to spend some time at the AGM explaining to the membership in more detail the relationship between USA Cricket and our commercial partner, ACE, and how the relationship can work to benefit the entire US cricket community. We understand and appreciate that questions arise from time to time as to the nature of this relationship and we look forward to addressing all of those questions and providing more information during this meeting, so that everybody can move forward with certainty and clarity.

The Board has also underlined its commitment to engaging with the community and governing in a transparent manner by agreeing to publish all previous and future Board meeting minutes, which is a positive step forward and will help to shine a light on the amount of time, work and effort that continues to be invested to further the interests of USA Cricket and the cricket community in recent times.”