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Ahead of the upcoming holiday weekend, USA Cricket wishes to confirm that the following events have been formally sanctioned pursuant to the regulations which govern the sanctioning of domestic events and which came into effect from December 1, 2020 and were published here

  • Maq T10 Cricket Tournament – 28-30 May, 2021 at Central Broward Cricket Stadium, Florida.
  • 22 Yards Unity Cup – May 28-31 in Weston/Manassas/Woodbridge, Virginia.
  • New York Bangladesh Premier League T20 2021 – May 28-30, 2021 at Idlewild Park/ Baisley Pond Park Cricket Ground, New York.
  • Atlanta Women’s 8th Annual T20 Cricket Tournament – 29-30 May, 2021 at YMCA Ground, Covington, Georgia.
  • West Coast Inter League T20 Tournament – 29-31 May, Northern California
  • LA Open – 2-5 July, 2021 at Woodley Park, Los Angeles, California.
  • Mayor’s Championship Trophy Sixty Strikes T10 Tournament – November 24-29, 2021 at Central Broward Cricket Stadium, Florida.

USA Cricket Chief Executive, Iain Higgins, said, “On behalf of the USA Cricket Board, we would like to wish all leagues, volunteers and administrators who work so hard to make these domestic events possible the very best, and we hope that their events are all a success as we see more and more cricket start to return throughout the United States.  

There are plenty more event organizers that have sought approval for their tournaments and we are pleased to see the system beginning to mature as we work our way through each of the various applications. There will be plenty more announcements in due course and we wholeheartedly support these events and encourage the cricketing public to get out and support the efforts of their local organizers wherever they can do so safely.”

As the domestic sanctioning process continues to evolve, USA Cricket also takes the opportunity to remind event organizers and players that unless an event has formally been approved, either through the deemed approval process set out in the regulations or otherwise pursuant to an application, then any such event is technically classified as ‘unofficial cricket’ pursuant to the ICC’s regulations. 

USA Cricket is working towards keeping up to date a full list of all official cricket played in the United States that it has been sanctioned under the regulations.  Please visit the ‘Approved Cricket‘ Section of the website here to check whether any particular competition or event has formally been approved by USA Cricket.