• Six Zonal Youth Committees established.
  • These Zonal Youth Committees are charged with delivering Zonal Championship competitions at U13, U15, U17 age-groups.
  • The lead up Hub Competitions currently in full swing in all 18 Hubs across the country

USA Cricket is pleased to announce the appointment of 6 Zonal Youth Committees. These groups are made up of locally based cricket operators, nominees from each of the 18 Hubs, and Volunteer Youth Coordinators. The individuals chosen have a proven track record of delivering high quality cricket events and competitions, and have earned the trust and respect of their peers. USA Cricket would like to congratulate all of these individuals, and thank them for their continued service to cricket.

The main responsibility of these committee’s is to deliver on the next stage of the youth cricket pathway, by organizing and hosting Zonal Championship tournaments at U13, U15 and U17 level during this year’s school summer break.

Hub competitions across the country are currently in full swing, with over 350 teams, and well over 5000 players involved across the four age-groups. USA Cricket would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Hub working groups, parents, supporters, and everyone else that has helped to make this a reality in 2023.

As announced earlier this year, the U15 and U17 competitions will culminate in National Championship tournaments – from September 1st to 4th for U15, and October 6th to 9th for U17.

The Zonal Youth Committees are listed below…

West Zone South West Zone Midwest Zone South Zone East Zone Mid-Atlantic Zone
Anoop Krishna (chair)

Vishwa Gaddamunugu

Purushotham Peddireddy

Vinay Kulkarni

Harshal Vora

Nanda Kumar (chair)

Vinod Murthy

Rohit Anand

Madhivanan Durai

Malay Vyas

Ajay Pandey

Ajay Jhamb (chair)

Pavan Sulibhavi

Nipun Joshi

Arun Kolipaka

Golam Sayeed

Vinodh Muduliar

Amit Kamath

Jaikumar Natarajan

Rajesh Uppalapati (chair)

Sirish Vallabhu

Nitheesh Shetty

Sirish Reddy

Tilak Mitra
Arun Paul

Ashok Adikoppula (chair)

Jay Singh

George Samuel

Dyon Ravello

Vijayesh Hassan

Ramana Reddy Kariveda (chair)

Mahesh Jayachandran

Ashish Patel

Chandra Sabbavarapu

Raj Divakaruni

Further details about the Zonal Championships, including schedules, squad selection, and match officials will be announced in due course.

USA Cricket Development Committee Chair, Venu Pisike said, “The confidence behind the formation of HUBs is attributable to the commitment of Volunteer Youth Coordinator’s and the community who is been supporting our initiatives. I am optimistic that the success of the HUBs and Zonal committees will lead to the decentralization of domestic cricket in the future which will increase the talent and the opportunities multifold.

USA Cricket Development Manager, Jamie Lloyd said, “Earlier this year we announced an ambitious calendar of events, and I am eternally grateful and amazed at the ability of our community to step up and partner with us to see these competitions take flight. The various volunteer groups we have established have been simply superb in their passion and commitment, and I’m sure the Zonal Youth Committees will be the same.”

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