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  • Level 1: Umpiring Fundamentals available to all members of USA Cricket

USA Cricket is delighted to announce the release of its first ever Umpiring Course as part of the new USA Cricket Umpiring Program and Pathway, with today’s launch of the Level 1: Umpiring Fundamentals course acting as an important step in the umpiring certification pathway.   

Towards the end of 2020, the USA Cricket Board decided to take full ownership for supporting the development of umpires across the USA.  Having made that decision, the USA Cricket Umpiring Program and Pathway was launched which sets out details of a pathway of certification courses and support programs from grassroots to international level umpiring.

This Level 1: Umpiring Fundamentals course is the first of the courses to be finished and released to the US cricket community, and is open to all members of USA Cricket over the age 12. 

Those interested can register by clicking on the image below and filling out the short online form. USA Cricket plans to offer further opportunities to take the Level 1: Umpiring Fundamentals course later in 2021 for those who are yet to become members of USA Cricket.  Registration will close at 9pm PST next Sunday 20th June.

The Umpiring Fundamentals certification course is designed to provide a complete overview of the Laws of Cricket and how to apply them in a match-day environment. The course also introduces the principles of field craft and match management. 

The course will be held via the self-paced online modules hosted on the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and will also include the following:

  • A 3-hour instructor lead group session (remote/online)
  • The following nationally recognized health and safety courses:

– Concussions in Sports
– Heat Illness Prevention
– Sudden Cardiac Arrest
– Sportsmanship
– SafeSport

  • 50 question Online Examination for certification

The aim of the course is to provide each individual with the essential tools and confidence to umpire cricket matches at a domestic recreational level. It is also the first formal certification course for those umpires wanting to progress to higher levels.

Chair of the Development Committee Venu Pisike said, “In USA Cricket’s Foundational Plan we have identified the need to increase participation across all aspects of the sport as one of our key strategic objectives. Accordingly, we said we would seek to ‘design and deliver a pathway and related programs, education materials and certification to support all match officials in this country.’ After launching the USAC Cricket Umpiring Program and Pathway in late 2020, today’s announcement represents the first practical step taken within that framework and the first-ever umpiring course designed and implemented by USA Cricket. We are well aware of just how vital this program is to the overall development of the sport across the United States. Therefore, we encourage anyone interested or aspiring to umpire at any game level to register now and get involved.”

The diagram below illustrates the USA Cricket umpiring pathway that is described in more detail in the Umpiring Program and Pathway document, which can be found here.