• USA Cricket expands volunteer program to further streamline and professionalize the men’s and women’s domestic pathway.
  • Existing Volunteer Youth and Women’s Coordinator roles to be discontinued.
  • Roles to focus on facilitating recently established pathway competitions, and a need to expand participation options in local communities.

USA Cricket is expanding its volunteer program to ensure the domestic pathway continues to progress in 2024 and beyond.

With the building out of the hard-ball pathways over the last couple of years, and the appointment of various groups to help manage these competitions and associated programs, the role of the Volunteer Youth/Womens Coordinators has become less clear. We believe this restructuring of roles brings more clarity to the responsibilities of the respective volunteer groups and affords individuals an opportunity to utilize their skills and passions in a more streamlined way.

The roles of Volunteer Youth and Volunteer Women’s Coordinators will therefore be discontinued, but we would encourage those existing members of these groups who are interested, to apply for the new roles. USA Cricket wishes to express its gratitude to the members of our existing Volunteer Groups and acknowledge the importance of their efforts over the last few years.

The new roles being established in Hubs across the country are as follows…

  1. Hub Cricket Lead (HCL) – Main point of contact between the Hub and USA Cricket with a focus on local partnership building including sponsorship. Overall responsibility for Hub operations and other development activities within the Hub.
  2. Hub Women’s Coordinator (HWC) – Responsible for helping deliver women’s programs within the Hub including the U15, U19 and Senior Women’s trials and competitions and high-performance activities.
  3. Hub Men’s Coordinator (HMC) – Responsible for helping deliver men’s programs within the Hub, including U19, U23 and Senior Men’s trials and competitions and high-performance activities.
  4. Hub Youth Coordinator (HYC) – Responsible for helping deliver youth programs within the Hub, including U11, U13 and U15 Hub and Zonal competitions.
  5. Hub Participation Coordinator (HPC) – Responsible for helping facilitate increase in quantity and quality of low-barrier-to-entry cricket playing opportunities at a local level (modified formats, soft-ball, hard-ball, schools, clubs, leagues etc.).

USA Cricket invites people to register their interest by submitting a current resume here no later than December 24, 2023.