USA Cricket’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the lawsuit brought by two directors against five other directors and the former Chief Executive has been dropped in full. The USA Cricket Board is now uniting behind the combined purpose to bring together the entire American cricket community around the vision for the sport as set out in the USA Cricket Foundational Plan.

The agreed upon resolution enables the Board to move the game forward by building upon the most successful year ever for American cricket in 2021. There is still a very bright future for the game in the coming years with an inaugural T20 World Cup appearance for USA Men’s Team confirmed recently by ICC, the continued growth of the domestic game across North America with Minor League Cricket returning for its second year in 2022, and the ICC and its members united behind the Olympic vision starting at LA 2028.

The Board also acknowledges that through the process of its nascent governance structure, significant progress has been made on installing a more effective governance model that aligns with best practice to ensure continued growth and success for USA Cricket.

USA Cricket would like to thank the American cricket community for their patience, as well as thank all USA Cricket stakeholders, sponsors, players, staff and committee members for their ongoing commitment to giving the sport in America the best possible chance of success.