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USA Cricket Unveils Strategic Governance Updates and Membership Reforms

By January 17, 2024 No Comments
  • Constitutional amendments align with USOPC requirements, set for membership ratification at the end of January, accompanied by the initiation of the Independent Director election process by the newly formed National Governance Committee (NGC).
  • USA Cricket introduces a change to its membership structure, allowing leagues independent access to insurance and presenting a tiered pricing structure for increased flexibility.
  • The revamped program includes a $10 per player insurance add-on across all league sizes, emphasizing affordability and coverage for every league.
  • Exclusive benefits feature discounted uniform and cricket ball pricing, complimentary uniforms with cricket ball orders, special match ticket discounts, seamless player stats integration, automatic tournament approval, and eligibility for active participation in USAC elections and volunteer opportunities.
  • The appointment of CricClubs as a technology partner promises a new membership platform for an enriched overall experience.


The USA Cricket constitution has recently undergone significant revisions aimed at addressing gaps, clarifying grey areas, and aligning with the requirements set forth by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC). This comprehensive effort, unanimously approved by the USA Cricket Board, marks a crucial step toward fortifying our governance structure. The meticulously crafted amendments will be presented to the membership for ratification at the end of January, fostering transparency and ensuring alignment with best practices.


Simultaneously, the election process for one of the Independent Director seats is set to commence. This crucial step will be initiated by the newly formed National Governance Committee (NGC), who, along with all other committees will be formed once the constitution amendment process is completed.


USA Cricket is also thrilled to unveil a significant update to its membership program, introducing a more flexible and value-driven approach. To address longstanding concerns, we have made a strategic decision to separate insurance as a stand-alone option for leagues, allowing them to join independently without incurring additional costs. The new model presents a tiered pricing structure, catering to leagues of varying sizes, with a consistent $10 per player insurance add-on across all categories.

Chairman of the Board, Venu Pisike, expressed, “We believe the tiered pricing model for leagues reflects our commitment to inclusivity and flexibility. It ensures that every league, regardless of size, can benefit from the USA Cricket community without compromising affordability or coverage.”

The nominal membership fee for individual members remains at $10, while players in USA Cricket pathway competitions will have a $30 registration fee covering uniforms, match balls, and player insurance.

Mr. Pisike emphasized, “Separating insurance as an add-on provides flexibility and opens the door for more leagues and players to become part of the USA Cricket family without the constraint of mandatory bundled insurance.”

This revamped membership program introduces exclusive benefits, including discounted uniform and cricket ball pricing, complimentary uniforms with cricket ball orders, special match ticket discounts for USAC-hosted cricket matches, seamless integration of player stats into our dedicated portal, automatic tournament approval for organized leagues, and eligibility for members to actively participate in USAC elections and volunteer opportunities.

Additionally, USA Cricket have recently appointed CricClubs as their new membership platform partner. CricClubs, who are well known to the US cricket community through their scoring and competition management platforms, will be constructing a brand-new membership platform to enhance the overall experience. While the new membership portal is under construction, members can use existing FunnGage portal to renew/register. For Leagues who would like to register/renew with either of the options please email

USA Cricket is committed to fostering a thriving cricket community across the nation, and these updates reflect our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our members.

For more information on the updated membership structure and insurance options, please visit or contact

About USA Cricket:

USA Cricket is the National Federation for cricket in the United States, officially recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Our mission is to govern, regulate, develop, and promote all forms of cricket at all levels within the United States. We are dedicated to enabling U.S. cricketers to achieve sustained competitive excellence and successfully compete in national and international competitions.

Our diverse Board of Directors, representing various cricket stakeholder groups, is committed to leading the sport to new heights. We create and administer value-added programs to grow and develop cricket, ensuring that it remains a thriving and inclusive sport within the United States.

We extend our gratitude to all members, volunteers, umpires, coaches, administrators, parents, and supporters who contribute to the growth of cricket in the United States. Your unwavering support is instrumental in our journey to success, and we look forward to a bright future for cricket in the USA.

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