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WATCH LIVE: Annual General Meeting on May 16th 

See below the YouTube video where you can watch along live for the USA Cricket AGM, which will be held virtually this Sunday, May 16th at 8PM EST (5PM PST). 

This is the 2nd Annual General Meeting of USA Cricket and will take place via Video Conference Call, which will be live streamed to YouTube concurrently. Key aspects of the meeting will include a review of 2020 activities and the presentation of the 2020 Annual Report and a full explanation and presentation of the USA Cricket/ACE contractual relationship.

Annual General Meeting Agenda 

The full meeting agenda can be found below:

1.  Welcome/attendance 
2.  Chairman’s presentation of Annual Report 
3.  Introduction to Independent Directors 
4.  2020 Year in Review 
5.  Development Committee – update and plans for 2021 
6.  ACE Relations Committee – update and plans for 2021 
7.  Women & Girls Committee – update and plans for 2021 
8. Cricket Committee – update and plans for 2021
9.  Membership Working Group – update and plans for 2021 
10.  Finance & Commercial Affairs Committee – update and plans for 2021 
11.  Presentation of USAC/ACE Partnership 
12.  Questions from Members 

Due to the logistics involved in a conference call with so many potential participants, we will not be able to take questions in real time. However, all members are invited to submit questions or provide comments or feedback about USA Cricket ahead of time to: and we will do our best to answer as many of the most pertinent questions throughout the course of the meeting. 

If you would like to submit any questions or comments during the meeting, please send them to including your USAC ID, Full Name and Location along with your question(s).

Publication of 2020 Annual Report 

USA Cricket has already published its Annual Report for 2020 ahead of its AGM and the USA Cricket Board of directors invites you to review the 2020 Annual Report on the USA Cricket website by clicking here.