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Kyle Coetzer is current captain of the Scotland Men’s Cricket team, and is one of the most respected associate cricketers in the world today. He holds the record for the highest score for an associate player at the Cricket World Cup when he struck 156 against Bangladesh in 2015.

Here’s Kyle’s answers to the #SixHitter questions.

1.Tell us how you got involved in Cricket, what’s your role/association now? 

I got involved in cricket by following my old man to Stoneywood Dyce CC, we used to go and watch him play. I am currently the captain of the Cricket Scotland team.

2. Describe yourself in three words

Funny, Patriotic, Bold.

3. What is your earliest cricket memory? 

My first cricket bat. A men’s short-handle full-sized bat which was broken at the bottom. My old man sawed off the bottom and said, ‘here’s your first bat’.

4. What is your favourite cricket moment of all time?

Domestically: The importance of a regional structure. Making sure people understand how important that is to become a List A, First Class competition;

Internationally: More teams at global events.

5. What is the one development you would like to see in domestic cricket, and in international cricket? 

Domestically: Involvement of beginners with non-cricket background;

Internationally: Revamp of Test cricket to make the format interesting

6. Where do see cricket in the USA in 10 years’ time? 

Hopefully some T20 or franchise cricket that I’ll be involved in in some shape or form.