• NB – TODAY’s MATCH has been abandoned due to overnight torrential rain, the competition will now begin tomorrow on Saturday 3rd July

After a historic launch and successful completion of the Women’s Intraregionals, the stage is now set for the next step in the USA Cricket Women and Girls pathway, the Regionals Women’s Competition.  

The Regionals are split into two competitions, East and West, with the action getting underway on the East Coast this weekend. The focus first will be on North Carolina with Church Street Park as the chosen venue. 

The Town of Morrisville which maintains the park has just installed a new digital scoreboard to the facility bringing glitz to the weekend’s big event. The regional volunteer women’s coordinators are being provided volunteers and logistics support from the local Triangle Cricket League and the SAMP Army Franchise to help make the event run smoothly. USA Cricket is thankful for all of the local community support being shown.

Two teams will square off over the course of the four days of action with Team East Region led by the young USA national player Lisa Ramjit who will go head-to-head with Team Central led by the experienced USA national player Shebani Bhaskar. East Region’s team coach is Kamran Khan while Central Region’s working team coach is Charlotte Dickenson with both teams featuring plenty of USA national players.

To keep up with the spirit of the holiday and to promote the sport to the young aspiring girls and boys, there are also some fun-filled activity sessions planned. Players from both teams will interact with the young aspiring players  during the innings break on 4th of July. All in all the residents of Morrisville and North Carolina are in for a treat this 4th of July holiday weekend .

Below is the 4 day schedule for the weekend’s Regionals competition between East Region and Central Region.

July 2nd: East Region vs Central Region T20 @ 2PM
July 3rd: East Region vs Central Region 50 OVER @ 10 AM
July 4th: East Region vs Central Region 50 OVER @ 10 AM
July 5th: East Region vs Central Region T20 @ 10 AM

All at Church Street Park, Morrisville, NC


East Region

Central Region

Attendance for all four days of cricket is free with all fans welcome to come and support. Come down to witness some fantastic women’s professional cricket and high voltage performances from both teams first hand.

Then the 2nd Regionals will be held in two weeks time with the West and Southwest Regions squaring off in Texas.

July 15: West Region vs Southwest Region 2pm T20
July 16: West Region vs Southwest Region 10am 50 Over
July 17:  West Region vs Southwest Region 10am 50 Over
July 18:  West Region vs Southwest Region 10am T20

All at Prairie View Cricket Ground, TX

All matches will be live-scored on the USA Cricket website via CricClubs live scoring in the Match Center. The schedule can also be found in a dedicated Regionals section here

Written by Supriya Desai


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