Inspired by his father's weekend hobby: cricket, Harish began to pick up the sport at the age of six. At age nine he received his first professional training session with a coach and realized his favorite thing about the game: batting.

Harish loves to take his time and pace his innings to fit the situation at hand. Harish respects cricket’s ability to test the physical and mental strength of those who play it.

The ‘little tiger’ has made countless lifelong friends through the sport and appreciates that cricket is a gentleman’s sport that brings different cultures together.

While representing the United States, he looks to improve his game while having memorable experiences competing and learning from others.


Playing Number

Team Role

Top-Order Batsman


North Brunswick, New Jersey


Little Tiger

Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Last Man Standing 2016 Top run getter and wicket taker, Man of the Match 2015 East Cricket Conference Finals

Favorite Cricketer

Kane Williamson