Smitty has been raised playing cricket, growing up playing for hours with his father. Not only did he play when he was younger, but he watched many games on TV, which eventually led to him closely following some of the world's best players.

When asked about what being selected for Team USA means to him , Smit responded passionately:

“From a young age, I always had a dream to represent the country in the sport of cricket. Being selected for the USA squad would be an honor and a dream come true. After years of training and support from those far and near, it would be a sense of motivation and would mean everything to me being listed in the USA squad. I would represent my country will all my heart and will put in whatever effort that is needed to reach to that level.”

Doshi cited two cricketers as his biggest source of inspiration; Sachin Tendulkar and Wasim Akram. Tendulkar traveled several hours a day just to play cricket followed by a rigorous ethic towards playing/learning cricket, which marks a great sense of dedication & commitment to the sport, which Doshi admires greatly, just as Doshi admires how Akram overcame the stigmas against young players playing competitively with older and more experienced competition.


Playing Number

Team Role

Batsman, Right-Arm Leg-Break


Morrisville, North Carolina



Country of Birth


Career Highlights

MVP of U-14 USACA Nationals, best bowler in the U-13 in the same tournament

Favorite Cricketer

Ben Stokes