Mahika Kandanala is an American-born cricketer who calls Dallas, TX, her hometown. "Mahi "to her friends, Mahika started her love affair with cricket at 13 with her dad as her principal coach. The right-hand opening batter's favorite international cricketer is Australian Ellyse Perry.

Mahi considers the Yorker her specialty ball when bowling medium pace. She has represented the TCA and loves the excitement the game brings and the many friends alongside whom she gets to enjoy the sport.

The self-motivated athlete is constantly challenging herself to outdo every one of her previous performances. Representing the USA on the international stage also serves as a motivational factor in helping her become better and stronger. She lists playing alongside USA teammate Gargi Bhogle in a 100+ run partnership in a USA domestic tournament as one of her favorite cricket moments.


Playing Number

Team Role

Right-hand Opener


Texas, USA



Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Sharing a 100+ run partnership with USA teammate Gargi Bhogle is a domestic tournament.

Favorite Cricketer

Ellyse Perry