• Chicago Blasters, Chicago Catchers, Michigan Cricket Stars and Morrisville Cardinals are the latest 4 MiLC teams to select their squads

Four further Minor League Cricket (MiLC) teams have successfully completed their squad selections this week with three sides from the Central Conference – Chicago Blasters, Chicago Catchers and Michigan Cricket Stars – and one side from the Southern Conference – Morrisville Cardinals – announcing their squads today. This brings the total number to 21 of the 24 squads that are now confirmed for the inaugural season of Minor League Cricket.

The two Illinois based teams, The Chicago Blasters and Chicago Catchers, drafted their squads in a regional draft held yesterday on September 10, while the Michigan Cricket Stars selected their team of registered players from within their own selection zone. It was the same for the Morrisville Cardinals as the North Carolina based side also selected their squad from local players within their selection zone.

The four teams will play their first matches during the second weekend of Franchise Exhibition Matches that were announced last week. To see the full schedule of matches, please click here

The four squads confirmed today in full are as follows;

Chicago Blasters:

Anirudh Jonnavitula, Ashhar Mehdi, Fahad Babar, Hasan Bematm, Hunain Amin, Joshua Dylan Kind, Kabir Hussain, Kausthubh Sriperumbudoor, Koti Vanga, Mohammed Khaleel, Mohammed  Yar Khan, Mohit Patel, Moin Babar, Munn Patel, Najam Iqbal, Sachin Veeraswamy, Shaheer Hasan, Talha Mohsin

Chicago Catchers:

Aamir Shahzad, Ankush Agrawal, Asmar Najam, Ayaz Patel, Hasan Khan, Jay Desai, Jay Patel, Karan Kumar, Paras Marwaha, Pruthvish Patel, Raid Ally, Raja Koppella, Rizwan Cheema, Saquib Choudhury, Sarwar Ghori, Sikander Soleja, Tejas Visal, Waseem Khan

Michigan Cricket Stars:

Arjun Ajbani, Azher Syed, Divyaprakash Kumar, Ferhan Ali, Foyaz Lingcon, Harish Yalamanchili, Jawad Chaudhry, Jonathan Dees, Mahfuzur Rahman, Mohammed A. Kashem, Mohammed Rahin, Mostafa Khan, Mufassir Ali, Nikhil Kanchan, Nitish Kumar, Shaker Ahmed, Tamim Oni, Waleed K. Hussain

Morrisville Cardinals:

Abhiram Bolisetty, Aditya Padala, Andre Dwyer, Aryan Shah, Fahad Khan, Gaurav Khanna, Gautham Ravindran, Jaskaran Malhotra, Kunal Sehgal, Mayur Choudhary, Murali Krishna Ankaraju Nilesh Patil, Raviteja Manda, Rohan Phadke, Roy Silva, Sandeep Pilania, Sanjay Stanley, Muhammad Abdullah Shah

There have also been a small number of changes to some of the seventeen previously announced MiLC squads due to injury, availability and other personal reasons. The updated squads are listed in full below.

Eastern Conference

Central Conference

Southern Conference

Western Conference

More details on Minor League Cricket can be found here: https://www.majorleaguecricket.com/minorleaguecricket.