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We’ll be looking to explain more of the benefits of Membership of USA Cricket over the coming weeks by looking at the different areas in which you as an individual and/or your team or club as an organization can benefit from your Membership. First up, we’re going to look at that crucial area of insurance.

One of the current membership benefits that USA Cricket is most proud of is the comprehensive insurance coverage for our member Leagues, Clubs and Individuals. We have worked with brokers and carriers that are leaders in the sports field to ensure our members are adequately covered. Leagues that join USA Cricket and that have all their respective Clubs and players join are eligible to receive certificates of liability for all your activities that carry $1,000,000 in liability coverage for you and your additional insureds.

Registered Clubs get the same benefit for your practices if your individual players are registered as well. Finally, and maybe most exciting, each participant (player, coach, umpire) who is a member of USA Cricket is covered by $25,000 of secondary sports accident insurance for those cricket related injuries. This coverage comes with a low $500 deductible and is secondary to any other coverage that may be in place.

Make sure to check out ALL the benefits of Membership here and then get over to sign up for your FREE USA Cricket Membership now by clicking here.

If you have additional questions about the insurance, please contact Eric Parthen, ICC Americas’ USA Project Manager, at or 719.330.9984.

Thanks for supporting USA Cricket!