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Each week we’ll be asking a prominent cricket person a series of six questions. Get to know your fellow cricket lovers better, and catch up on what these people are doing in cricket all over the country and the world.

Former West Indies test and ODI player, and current head of the US Selection panel – Ricardo Powell is the next to take his shot at the #SixHitter questions.

1.Tell us how you got involved in Cricket, what’s your role/association now? 

Got involved in cricket at an early age, around 7 years old I would say. I am currently the chairman of selectors for the USA national teams.

2. Describe yourself in three words

Humble, Respectful, Hard-working

3. What is your earliest cricket memory? 

Scoring 300+ in High School cricket.

4. What is your favourite cricket moment of all time?

Scoring 124 runs against India, and winning the Champions trophy in 2004 against India.

5. What is the one development you would like to see in domestic cricket, and in international cricket? 

That domestic cricket in the USA will be more like test playing nations i.e. that we actually have cricket clubs and not teams coming together on weekends to play a game.

6. Where do see cricket in the USA in 10 years’ time? 

At the same level as Soccer.