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As part of the second stage of the election process as described in the Media Release of the 1st of February, the Nominating & Governance Committee (NGC) is seeking the USAC membership to review the preliminary voter lists (see links below) for the Delayed 2020 Elections for an Individual Director and the Club Director positions.  

There are four voter lists for the two positions as follows which have all been now formally posted to the USA Cricket website; 

  1. Eligible Individual Members Lists – see here
  2. Ineligible Individual Members Lists – see here
  3. Eligible Club Members Lists – see here
  4. Ineligible Club Members Lists – see here

Both the Ineligible Individual and Club Member Lists indicate the reason for ineligibility.  Personal information (email and phone numbers) has been redacted in the interests of privacy.

Only those individuals and clubs are considered in these voter lists who successfully became USA Cricket Members by March 15, 2021, and who paid their membership dues by September 19, 2021.

As part of peer review, any USA Cricket Member may submit concise and specific information for the NGC to consider for any of the following reasons:

  • Any member who is deemed ineligible to vote, who seeks to become vote eligible.  
  • Any member who is missing from the pertinent voter lists but has proof of timely membership and eligibility.
  • Any member who has factual basis to question the eligibility of any other member 

Peer review emails, in strong adherence to the template which can be found here, should be sent to  Only peer review emails received by Sunday 2/20/2022 23:59 US PST will be considered by the NGC.  

Subsequent to the peer review period, in approximately four weeks time, the NGC after considering submitted peer reviews will publish the final voter lists after they have been audited by an independent audit firm. At that time, the NGC will also provide a specific timeline for the remainder of the elections.