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The USA Cricket Board and its Nominating & Governance Committee (NGC) are pleased to announce that the delayed 2020 USA Cricket elections will be held within the March-April 2022 time-frame.  

These elections are for two different positions on the USA Cricket Board:

  1. Individual Director, which the individual members will be electing.
  2. Club Director, which the club members will be electing. 

A third position, Female Player Director, only has one candidate so there will be no election for the position. The Club Director and Individual Director terms are for a period of three years while the Female Player Director term is for a period of two years.

Names of the candidates for each position, originally announced by USA Cricket in April 2021, are included below:  

Individual Director Candidates 

Anand Patel
Babu Venkatachalapathy
Ganesh Sanap
Kuljit-Singh Nijjar
Suraj Viswanathan

Club Director Candidates

Ajith Bhaskar
Atul Rai
Nikhil Deshpande
Susheel Bhat

Female Player Director Candidates

Nadia Gruny

Currently in the initial stage, the delayed election process is described below, with the final stage set to conclude in March-April of 2022:

  • Stage 1:  NGC collects and collates preliminary voter lists for the Club Director and Individual Director positions
  • Stage 2:  NGC publishes preliminary voter lists for peer review over a forthcoming two week period
  • Stage 3:  NGC considers all officially received peer review feedback and publishes the final voter lists after an audit review by an independent audit firm
  • Stage 4:  Candidates are given approximately three weeks for formal campaigning
  • Stage 5:  Election voting period of two weeks is provided for voters to cast their ballots with an independent election provider
  • Stage 6: Votes are independently tabulated, with audited results announced within a week of the completion of the elections.

The NGC will provide relevant updates throughout each stage of the election process to ensure an equitable and transparent election for all seats.