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USA Cricket would like to encourage all players, parents, officials and supporters to come and watch the next generation of male American cricketers in action live in person at Morgan Hill this weekend at the ongoing Under 19 Men’s Training and Selection Camp

With the recent June 15th California statewide reopening, there is now greater freedom to accommodate spectators at live sporting events, which has been unavailable since the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown began in early 2020.

All those who are keen to follow the progress of this talented group of young cricketers are welcome at Morgan Hill, California, as they continue on their path towards representing the USA at Under 19’s level. USA Cricket and Major League Cricket coaching and administrative staff will also be in attendance and happy to interact with members of the public and the cricket community. Later in the summer the ICC Americas Men’s Under 19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier will decide the qualification place for the ICC Men’s Under 19 Cricket World Cup to be held in the West Indies in 2022, and this weekend’s matches are another important part of the process of identifying those who are most likely to represent the USA team in that competition.

There has been a change to the schedule of matches with the 2nd 50-Over U19 Blues v U19 Reds match being moved to tomorrow at Morgan Hill.

The updated remaining schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday 19 June: U19 Reds v U19 Blues at Morgan Hill. Start 10am PST
  • Sunday 20 June: U19 Blues v MiLC U21 Invitation XI at Morgan Hill. Start 10am PST

The two Under 19 squads are as follows:

U19 Blues Zonal Team Player Type
Abhiram Valisammagari South West Zone RAF/RHB
Ajay Immadi West Zone Reds RAOS/RHB
Gautham Ravindran Colts RALS/RHB
Hisham Ali Colts LAFM/LHB
Mihir Cherukupalli South West Zone RHB/WK
Mohamed Shaw East Zone RHB
Rehman Dar South West Zone LHB/RAOS
Ritwik Behera Mid-Atlantic Zone RHB/RAOS
Rohan Phadke South Zone RHB/RAM
Ali Sheikh (c) South West Zone LHB/LAOS
Soorya Selvakumar South West Zone LAFM/RHB
Yasir Mohammad Mid-Atlantic Zone LHB/RALS
Rahul Jariwala* West Zone Reds WK/RHB


U19 Reds Zonal Team Player Type
Aakashveer Saini West Zone Blues RAOS/RHB
Abhiram Bolisetty South Zone RAMF/RHB
Sanjay Krishnamurthy West Red Zones RHB/LAOS
Elton Tucker Jr. South Zone LAOS/LHB
Ishan Sharma Mid-Atlantic Zone RHB/RAM
Kanish Bhalla West Zone Reds RHB/RAM
Laksh Parikh South West Zone LAMF/LHB
Rishi Ramesh Colts RHB/RAM
Rohan Posanipally West Zone Reds RAF/RHB
Saiteja Mukkamalla (c) Mid-Atlantic Zone RHB/WK
Skanda Rohit Sharma West Zone Reds RHB/RAOS
Tejas Visal Midwest Zone RALS/RHB
Rahul Jariwala* West Zone Reds WK/RHB

*Rahul Jariwala has been included as an additional player and will act as reserve wicket-keeper for both the Blue and Red teams.