• The 3 outstanding Zonal Trials will complete the full set of 14 events across the country, with trials in Southern California, Florida & Massachusetts over next two weeks
  • All necessary COVID-19 precautions in place

USA Cricket is pleased to confirm the rescheduling of the final three legs of the Men’s Senior & Youth Zonal Trials, which will now take place in Boston, Los Angeles and Tampa over the coming two weeks to complete the full original schedule of fourteen Zonal Trials. These three events were originally postponed in the final quarter of 2020 due to a sharp rise in cases during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

All trials will be staged over a full day and follow the same format, including an assessment of fitness and skills both in individual and team scenarios, which will be closely observed by USA Cricket representatives and selectors and captured on video for further review.  Participants are then allocated into smaller groups in order to meet the COVID-19 protocols that have been developed specifically for these trials and to ensure that they each have a sufficient opportunity to showcase their talent.  

USA Cricket Men’s and Youth Zonal Trials

March 13th – March 14th: The Cage Indoor Center, Boston, Massachusetts. East Zone.
March 20th – March 21st: Smith Murphy Park, Los Angeles, California. West Zone.
March 20th – March 21st: Commissioner Al Higginbotham Park, Tampa, Florida. South Zone. 

For the Youth cricketers attending these trials, it will serve as another opportunity to press their claims for selection for one of the eight squads for the USA Cricket Men’s Under 19 National Championships in Houston, Texas.

Eleven trials have already safely taken place throughout the final quarter of 2020, which assisted towards the initial selections of the Zonal Training Groups.  Further selections into any of the Training Groups may be made following these three Trials where necessary.

USA Cricket Operations Director, Richard Done said, “We are very pleased that we will be able to complete the Men’s and Youth Zonal Trials in the coming weeks.  I would like to reemphasize that all of our Selection Panels may add players to, or remove players from, their relevant Zonal Training Groups based on their ongoing attitude, fitness, skill development and performance. Players may also graduate from a Zonal Training Group to the National Training Group where appropriate. Finally, we would again like to thank the wider community for their support, including all players, coaches, volunteers, venues, clubs, leagues and academies that have been involved in making these events a success and helping set us up strongly for a huge year of cricket in 2021.”