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  • Nearly 10,000 individuals now uniquely verified as part of the new USA Cricket Membership Program
  • Final phase of player registration starts on Sunday

As the roll-out of the new Membership Portal continues, USA Cricket is pleased to announce today that there are nearly 10,000 individuals who have registered and been issued USA Cricket unique IDs. These individuals have aligned with Clubs from more than 100 Leagues and Academies across the country.

Sunday, March 7th marks the opening of the portal for all players whose primary Club participates in a League/Academy that has not committed to become a USA Cricket member at this point in time. In addition, we will continue the verification process of players already in the system.

USA Cricket CEO, Iain Higgins, commented, “We are absolutely thrilled with the progress that has been made so far.  Working in close collaboration with League and Academy administrators across the country, we have been able to process unique USA Cricket IDs for almost 10,000 players and parents.  This has been a huge effort and helps to set a strong foundation for the growth of a fully functional membership program in the future.  I am confident that this number will continue to grow to even higher numbers as we progress through the final few phases of the membership launch.” 

“In the USA Cricket Foundational Plan, we identified the creation of this custom-built membership portal as one of our key priorities and we are confident that it will evolve to become the one-stop destination for all players, officials, administrators and fans of cricket in the USA.  Already we can see how this will enable us to much better understand, integrate and support the entire cricketing landscape across the country so that we can achieve our strategic objective of building trust within the nationwide cricket community.”

“The Nominating & Governance Committee will shortly be publishing its revised plans and timeline for the upcoming Board election, which is already destined to be more inclusive and give a voice to more of the community than ever before. However, today represents the final day for Leagues/Academies/Clubs to register ahead of the upcoming election, and we will shortly be turning our attention to consolidating the efforts that have been made so far, addressing all of the outstanding issues that we are aware of and commencing the final phases of registration for players and officials.”

With effect from Sunday morning, all players whose League or Academy has not committed to USA Cricket membership are invited to go to and register directly as an Individual Member.  

In the case of players:

  • where the League or Academy in which their primary club plays is not listed on the portal, they will still be able to register as an individual member by selecting ‘Not Listed’ and paying the membership fee of $10 directly through the portal.
  • where the League or Academy in which their primary club plays is already listed in the portal, they should select that and complete registration.  No membership fee will be payable during the process since the Leagues/Academies have committed to pay the membership fees for those players once they have been confirmed as genuine members of that League/Academy for 2021. 

In the case of cricket officials (coaches, umpires and administrators), the process will open very early next week, and they will be required to register as an individual member by completing the registration and paying the membership fee of $10 directly through the portal.

Higgins, concluded, “Moving forward, the long-term ambition remains to see all of the Leagues, Clubs, Academies and every player and official across the country included within the membership portal.  The response so far is extremely encouraging and we look forward to welcoming more of those organizations on board.  And to conclude matters, we will also be extending the membership offering to supporters in a final phase of this 2021 membership launch, the details of which will be announced in due course.”

The full 2021 USA Cricket Membership brochure can be found here or viewed below.

All questions relating to the membership program or benefits should be addressed to the following e-mail address:

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