• Every Match at the tournament to be live-scored on the USA Cricket website in the updated Match Center
  • Feature Matches with one daily game to be covered with basic live-stream via YouTube and USA Cricket Match Center
  • Minor amendment to start times with 6 fixtures moving to 9.30am starts, other matches all remain at 10am starts

The USA Cricket Men’s Under 19 National Championships is gearing up for a big start to the tournament on Monday with the first matches getting underway at the Prairie View Cricket Complex in Houston, Texas. All 8 Squads will be arriving into Texas this weekend with full squads including Head Coaches, Managers and Team Captains all part of the teams already named, that have been separated into the following groups:

Group A

Mid-Atlantic Zone
South Zone
West Zone Blues

Group B

East Zone
Midwest Zone
South West Zone
West Zone Reds 

USA Cricket is pleased to today announce the wider coverage plans for the tournament. 

Live Scoring

Every ball of all of the 16 matches at the tournament will be live scored via CricClubs into the updated USA Cricket Match Center on the website at usacricket.org. The website will also feature a dedicated tournament hub with photos, news reports, statistics and much more throughout the full National Championships. 

There will also be regular updates on Social Media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, make sure to follow @USACricket to stay in touch with the tournament.

Live Streaming

There will be a basic fixed one-camera live stream of a featured match at the tournament every day, including the National Championships Final on Saturday 10th April. The live-stream will not feature commentary but will have scoring graphics in stream. This will be broadcast via USA Cricket’s YouTube page with availability in the USA Cricket Match Center on the website.

Men’s Under 19 National Championship will be covered strongly here on usacricket.org

Tournament Logistics Update

USA Cricket would like to remind everyone that there it has created a strict Player Bubble environment for the duration of the tournament for all involved at both the ground and the tournament hotel. The mandatory testing is now nearly complete for all participants prior to their travel to Texas for the tournament, and the main priority remains to mitigate risk and safeguard participants in line with our COVID-19 protocols. 

Any family members or supporters who wish to attend the tournament will need to adhere to a strict no-contact policy with participants and adhere to social distancing and other guidelines as directed by USA Cricket when attending.


The 16 matches of the National Championships will all be played on turf wickets at the Prairie View Cricket Complex in Houston, Texas with the matches taking place between April 5th and 10th, and a training/practice day scheduled for the 4th with departure day on the 11th.

6 of the 16 matches will have slightly earlier start times of 9.30am instead of 10am for the first ball in the games indicated below.

Match Day Time Team 1 Team 2
1 Mon April 5 0930 Mid-Atlantic Zone Colts
2 Mon April 5 1000 West Zone Blues South Zone
3 Mon April 5 1000 Midwest Zone South West Zone
4 Tues April 6 0930 South Zone Mid-Atlantic Zone
5 Tues April 6 1000 East Zone West Zone Reds
6 Wed April 7 0930 East Zone South West Zone
7 Wed April 7 1000 West Zone Blues Colts
8 Wed April 7 1000 Midwest Zone West Zone Reds
9 Thur April 8 1000 West Zone Blues Mid-Atlantic Zone
10 Fri April 9 0930 East Zone Midwest Zone
11 Fri April 9 1000 South Zone Colts
12 Fri April 9 1000 West Zone Reds South West Zone
13 Sat Apr 10 0930 4th Group A 4th Group B
14 Sat Apr 10 0930 3rd Group A 3rd Group B
15 Sat Apr 10 1000 2nd Group A 2nd Group B
16 Sat Apr 10 1000 1st Group A 1st Group B


The Men’s Under 19 National Championships Final Schedule