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Revised Final Lists of Eligible Candidates and Eligible Voters for the Delayed 2021 Board of Directors’ Elections

The USA Cricket Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC) announces the revised and final lists of eligible candidates and eligible voters for the delayed 2021 Elections for the Board of Directors, as well as the timeline for the elections voting period and elections results announcement.

Revised List of Eligible Candidates (in alphabetical order)

The eligible candidate for the League Director position is:

  • Anj Balusu

The eligible candidates for the Individual Director position are:

  • Anuj Patel
  • Arjun Gona
  • Avinash Gaje
  • Rajesh Uppalapati
  • Sabu Yunnus

The eligible candidate for the Male Player Director position is

  • Srinivas Salver

The USAC Board of Directors would like to thank the membership for their participation, with the assurance that each application was treated in a fair and impartial manner, and the above candidates were vetted and selected by unanimous consent of the NGC, based upon a process defined by the USAC’s Constitution.

Final Eligible Voter Lists

The final Individual Director eligible voter list is available here.

Since the Male Player Director and the League Director positions only have one eligible candidate each, these two candidates will be declared elected by acclamation when the election results are announced.

Campaigning Period

Election campaigning can start immediately upon the announcement of these final membership lists. 

Voting Period and Method

The election voting period will start on March 25, 2023, at 9 AM, US PDT, and conclude on April 3, 2023, at 11:59 PM, US PDT.

Election Buddy, an election provider the USAC/NGC has used in prior elections, will conduct the elections. The preferential voting method, as required by the USAC Constitution, will be used for these elections.

Each eligible voter for an election should receive an electronic ballot by email from The email ballot will come with instructions on how to complete voting, which each voter should follow.  Importantly, each voter is responsible to ensure that the email ballot and any communication from to their email account is not filtered away as spam or junk email.

Only Election Buddy will have any visibility into the elections while they are in progress.  Election Buddy will field any and all voter questions and will only contact the NGC when they are not able to answer a question.

Election Results

Upon completion of the voting period, Election Buddy will tabulate and verify the results as well as resolve ties using coin toss in the virtual presence of the tied candidates and the NGC.

The results will be sent to the CPA firm for an audit review. Once the NGC gets the audited results, it will send them to the USAC Board and the Candidates, before informing the USAC membership and other interested parties.

Note that the process from vote tabulation by Election Buddy, to the audit review by Audit firm, to official result announcement by the NGC may take a few days after the election voting period is completed.




USA Cricket is the National Federation for cricket in the United States as recognized by the International Cricket Council. USA Cricket’s mission is to govern, regulate, develop and promote all forms of cricket at all levels in the United States, and to enable U.S. cricketers to achieve sustained competitive excellence and successfully compete in national and international competition. Through a diverse Board of Directors that has representation from most cricket stakeholder groups, USA Cricket will lead the sport to new heights by creating and administering value added programs to grow and develop the sport.