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Further to the large number of domestic cricket events that were recently approved in the July sanctioning update, USA Cricket wishes to confirm that the following events were previously or have now also been formally sanctioned pursuant to the regulations which govern the sanctioning of domestic events and which came into effect from December 1, 2020 and were published here:

  1. New York Youth Development League

Roy A Sweeney Oval, Brooklyn/Idlewild Ground, Rosedale, NY, 16 July – 13 August 2021

     2. 7th Annual International Legacy Tournament (Women)

Keney Park, Hartford, CT, September 4-5, 2021

  1. SCCA Inter-League Tournament

Woodley Park, Los Angeles, CA, 4-6 September 2021

  1. Louisville Cricket Club T20 Tournament

Sunil Gavaskar Cricket Field and Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park, Louisville, KY, September 11 – October 17, 2021

  1. American Premier League

Yogi Berra Stadium, Little Falls, NJ, 20-30 September 2021

See attached media release here

  1. Atlanta Open 

Atlanta Cricket Fields, Atlanta, GA, 13-17 October 2021

  1. Nations Capital T20 Tournament

Various Venues, Washington DC, DC, 28-31 October 2021 – deemed approved

  1. International Youth Cricket Tournament

Various Tri-Valley Venues, Pleasanton/Dublin, CA 20-28 November, 2021

  1. US Open – Women

Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium, Lauderhill, FL, 15-19 December 2021

  1. US Open – Youth

Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium, Lauderhill, FL, 15-19 December 2021

  1. Endurance Cup

Prairie View Cricket Complex, Houston, TX, 25 December-1 January 2021

There are other applications that are under review, including in particular the US Open – Men which will be played in Florida in December, and which will also require sanctioning from the ICC under its regulations. 

USA Cricket would like to wish all leagues, volunteers, administrators and participants in these events every success and thank them for their ongoing support.

The process of domestic event approval is an evolving one, and there are plenty of other administrators who have sought approval for their events.  There are also League Members who are staging domestic events that meet the necessary criteria for them to be ‘deemed approved’ under the regulations.  USA Cricket is not aware of all such events and this list is not intended to capture them all, but a list of all fully paid Members will be published on the website shortly and we plan to consider with the soon-to-be convened Leagues Committee how best USA Cricket can work with all event organizers to help develop a coordinated domestic calendar for the future.  

The latest fully up to date list of the cricket events that are to be played in the United States that have been sanctioned by USA Cricket under the regulations can be found in the ‘Approved Cricket‘ Section of the website.