USA Cricket (“USAC”) has become aware of several domestic cricket events that have been planned by various organizations throughout the USA without going through the proper process. USAC takes this opportunity to reiterate the importance of obtaining USAC sanctioning for qualifying cricket events.

The ICC’s Regulations state that, subject to some exceptions, it is the exclusive right and responsibility of USAC to retain control over cricket matches and events played within the USA (‘Domestic Cricket’), and therefore to determine whether or not such Domestic Cricket should be sanctioned or not.

USAC strongly recommends complying with the sanctioning policy, where accredited National, International Players and Officials are taking part in the respective cricket events. Failure to comply with USAC sanctioning policy knowingly or unknowingly will lead to, but not limited to disqualification/ineligibility to represent in any USAC regional, national, or international cricket events by the respective participants. International Players and Officials MUST obtain, No Objection Certificate (“NOC”) from their respective national boards. NOC issuance is imperative for the USAC sanctioning of the respective cricket event being held in USA.

USAC strongly urges all stakeholders, organizers, and promoters to familiarize themselves with USAC sanctioning policy, and to avoid risks associated with the non-compliance and be deemed an unapproved cricket event.

Please refer to this link here for the USAC Sanctioning policy

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