• The schedule has been announced, with the first ever T20 National Championship happening at Prairie View in Texas from 14th – 17th
  • Each team will play 6 T20 matches over 4 days, with every player guaranteed 4 matches.
  • All 6 Zones have named their full squads and have appointed Coaches and Managers.
  • Match Officials have also been assigned, with an incredibly experienced and talented group set to take charge of the matches.
  • All matches of the T20 National Championships will be streamed online

USA Cricket is excited to be hosting the Senior Men’s T20 National Championship for the first time in its history. They will happen at the Prairie View Cricket Complex, in Texas from March 14th – 17th.

Today, USA Cricket is pleased to announce the schedule, and the playing squads for all teams participating in the tournament.

The T20 National Championship is not only a landmark event for USA Cricket but also holds significant importance for the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup in June. This competition serves as a crucial platform for identifying and selecting the best talents to represent the national team at the global stage. With each team playing six T20 matches over four days, this tournament offers ample opportunities for players to showcase their skills and stake their claim for a spot in the national squad. The intense competition and high-stakes matches will undoubtedly be instrumental in shaping the final lineup for the T20 Cricket World Cup, making this event a must-watch for cricket enthusiasts and a pivotal moment for aspiring cricketers across the nation.

We’re delighted to share that all matches of the T20 National Championships will be streamed online, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to follow the action live. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the sport, you can tune in from anywhere to catch the action from every game. We’ll be providing further details as they come to hand.


The six teams will play 1 match against each other over three days of round robin competition. The teams will then be ranked from 1 through 6 on results from the first three days, with the top two teams playing off in the National Championship Final on March 17th. The other four teams will also complete matches for 3rd and 5th positions respectively.


The 18 matches will all be played on premium grass wickets at the Prairie View Cricket Complex, Prairie View, Texas with the matches taking place between March 14th – 17th.

Squad Announcements

There are 6 Zonal squads of 14 players, plus non-traveling reserves. They have been selected by appointed Zonal Men’s Selection Panels, with the teams confirmed as the following…

Team Management

The following Head Coaches and Team Managers have been appointed for the 6 teams, with a fantastic caliber of cricketing and coaching experience among the Head Coaches.

Match Officials/Umpires

The following list of match officials and umpires are entrusted with ensuring the smooth and fair conduct of every match at the T20 National Championship. Often unsung heroes, their pivotal role in upholding the integrity of the game cannot be overstated.


Email: [email protected]


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