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The independent Nominating & Governance Committee of USA Cricket wishes to announce the end of the 2-week voting period as of today July 22, 2022 at 9am US PDT and would like to thank all voters for their keen participation in the election. Over the next few days, ElectionBuddy will tabulate, verify and convey the results directly to the external auditor, BiggsKofford, CPA. Assuming no ties, the auditor will then review the results and take into account any anomalies in the process that were documented to have occurred during the election voting period.  (In case of a tie, kindly see the NGC Media Release of June 24th for how ties will be resolved if they were to occur.)

When the external auditor is ready with the official results, they will be conveyed to the NGC, who will forward it, without delay, to the USA Cricket Board and the Election Candidates. Subsequently, USA Cricket Members and other stakeholders will be notified via a NGC media release announcing the results.

Finally, it is critically important that Election Candidates and others in positions of influence in USA Cricket and the associated ecosystem refrain from any speculation online or elsewhere as to the details or delays of the election results announcement while ElectionBuddy and BiggsKofford do their important work. Until the audit reviewed results are conveyed by BiggsKofford to the NGC, no one outside of BiggsKofford or ElectionBuddy will know what the results are and any of the associated details.  That includes the NGC, USAC Board and staff, Candidates, Voters, and any other stakeholders.