The USA Cricket Board of Directors would like to clarify that views which were shared to the media recently by an individual USA Cricket Board member do not represent the collective view of the USA Cricket Board. These views do not accurately characterize the agreement in place between USA Cricket and Major League Cricket that provides both substantial ongoing financial support for the governing body’s current activities and a platform for extensive growth for cricket nationwide in the future.

Major League Cricket and USA Cricket are committed to a continued partnership that will establish cricket as a leading sport in the United States based on the agreed structure of the relationship. The agreement in place between USA Cricket and Major League Cricket provides a firm foundation to support the game’s greater good, facilitating large scale and unprecedented investment into infrastructure and player development programs.

As originally planned, a long-form agreement that builds on the agreed framework for a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership between USA Cricket and Major League Cricket is currently being finalized. It is through working together to advance the game that we can successfully usher in a new era for American cricket.

That new era takes further significant strides forward with a hugely exciting 2022 cricketing calendar. Both the USA Men’s and Women’s National teams will have the opportunity to qualify for inaugural ICC T20 World Cup appearances at their Global Qualifier events this summer. The largest ever home international series will also take place with 12 One Day Internationals on American soil in the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Series beginning on Saturday, May 28 in Texas. The highlight of the domestic summer then gets going next month with the second edition of the Toyota Minor League Cricket championship presented by Sunoco, with games scheduled to start on Saturday, June 25.