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  • Vinay Bhimjiani appointed as USA Cricket’s interim Chief Executive Officer and will begin in the role immediately
  • Bhimjiani comes with a strong pedigree and background in financial management, coupled with commercial knowledge making him the stand-out candidate 

USA Cricket is delighted to announce the hiring of an interim Chief Executive Officer for the organization following an ongoing recruitment process. Vinay Bhimjiani comes to join USA Cricket as its CEO on the back of a very successful career spanning more than 20 years working in the industries of business, finance and cricket. Bhimjiani, who was educated in India and the United Kingdom has been based in New York in the United States since 1999 and comes with a proven track-record particularly in commercial and financial management.

“I am delighted to announce that Mr. Vinay Bhimjiani has been appointed as the new interim CEO of USA Cricket. Vinay comes from the Business and Finance world and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping embryonic businesses in their critical growth stages and providing professional management.” said Atul Rai, Interim Chair of the USA Cricket Board. “I am excited and very optimistic about the appointment of Vinay and I believe strongly that this is the beginning of a fantastic new chapter in the history of USA Cricket. Vinay clearly rose to the top as the best candidate among a highly talented international field of people who were interested in the role. Vinay’s immediate priorities will be to focus on balancing the books for 2022, and assisting the Board in getting the correct structures in place to allow for the success of all of our international teams. He will also be responsible for continuing the implementation of the Foundational Plan, as we continue to build a platform for the growth of American cricket in the build-up to the co-hosting of the T20 World Cup in 2024.”

USA Cricket has had hundreds of candidates applying for the role that has been vacant since late last year when Iain Higgins moved on from his role as the first CEO of USA Cricket. Vinay Bhimjiani being the clear front runner and has now been approved by USA Cricket’s Board of Directors. 

Since moving permanently to the United States, Bhimjiani has become involved with the American cricket community through his involvement in a number of cricketing projects. He has helped to transform a service oriented business into a distribution house by striking exclusivity contracts of top cricketing brands and bringing them into the American market. He has also designed, conceptualized, and delivered a successful business model of Indoor Multi sports centers across the USA fuelling cricketing growth in a number of different locations. 

Prior to his time in the United States, Bhimjiani founded Shroi Capital and was a director at UTO Solutions in the financial services and broadcast media sectors respectively. This broad set of skills as well as strong knowledge of the American cricketing landscape will make him a real asset for USA Cricket going forward.

The new Interim CEO of USA Cricket, Vinay Bhimjiani, “I am thankful to the USA Cricket Board for giving me this opportunity to serve the sport in the United States. I am hugely excited and looking forward to contributing to the growth of the nascent organization. I have a strong vision for the potential for the sport of cricket in the USA that is limitless, and I shall put my best foot forward to ensure that USA Cricket reaches the pinnacle of success in the coming months and years. I look forward to working with the USA Cricket Board and the staff, various stakeholders, the volunteers across the country and our commercial partners to create a solid financial foundation for USA Cricket and help provide the much needed resources for the development of the game in America.”  

The USA Cricket Board would also like to thank the ICC for their ongoing support and engagement following a series of very productive and positive meetings in Los Angeles in recent weeks. There will be further announcements and updates following on from the recent USA Cricket AGM with regards to the financial position for 2022 and the next USA Cricket election.