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As part of USA Cricket’s continuing efforts to lay the foundation for a robust domestic cricket structure, the USA Cricket Committee recently approved two new regulatory documents, important to the effective conduct of the game within the United States.  These regulations, effective from December 1st, 2020, can now be viewed here in the Documents section on the USA Cricket website.

Regulations for the Approval of Domestic Cricket 

In accordance with the ICC’s regulatory requirements, and subject to certain exceptions, it is the exclusive right and responsibility of USA Cricket to retain control over cricket matches and events played within the USA, known as ‘Domestic Cricket’, and therefore to determine whether or not such Domestic Cricket should be approved or not, and if so, whether any specific conditions should apply. The new USA Cricket Regulations for the Approval of Domestic Cricket adopt the principles set out in the ICC regulations, which apply equally to Men’s, Women’s and all Youth Cricket, to establish a mechanism by which Domestic Cricket played in the USA is to be officially approved and also to ensure the uniform application of rules protecting the sport and its participants.

The Regulations provide a structure within which school cricket, informal cricket and other types of domestic cricket organized by members of USA Cricket and which meet certain criteria can be ‘deemed’ to be approved as Senior, Junior or Modified Cricket under the Regulations.  Where the proposed domestic cricket also meets any one of specific criteria, then a formal approval process must be followed, starting with the submission of an application from which can be found here.

Prior to the start of the playing season, USA Cricket will endeavor to publish a nationwide calendar of all Domestic Cricket that is approved pursuant to these Regulations.  And in accordance with the ICC’s regulations, participants will be subject to potential sanctions where they participate in cricket that is not approved under the Regulations. However, USA Cricket acknowledges that the implementation of these Regulations creates a significant change to the way in which Domestic Cricket is currently implemented in the USA.  A six-month transitional period will therefore be applied, during which time further efforts to explain the effect of the Regulations will be made and no punitive action will be taken in the event of any inadvertent non-compliance. 

Anti-Doping Code for Participants    

Under the new USA Cricket Anti-Doping Code for Participants, USA Cricket has adopted anti-doping rules to impose clear prohibitions and controls in the sport of cricket in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the World Anti-Doping Code. 

This development is part of USA Cricket’s continuing efforts to maintain the integrity of the sport in the United States, protect the rights and health of all participants, and keep the sport of cricket free from doping. Sitting alongside the Anti-Corruption Code which was approved last year, the new Code applies to all organizations (including any clubs, teams, associations, leagues or licensees), members, cricketers and cricketer support personnel who either participate in matches or have a contractual arrangement with USA Cricket, and are therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the USA Cricket for purposes of anti-doping.  It also applies to participants in all matches organized by USA Cricket, as well as any participants in any cricket matches organized by USA Cricket’s members, affiliates and licensees (including clubs, teams and leagues). 

This is the first time ever that an Anti-Doping Code has been incorporated within American cricket and it reflects the growing maturity of USA Cricket and its cricket operations function. The World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List for 2020, which is referenced in the new Code, is also available here on the USA Cricket website.  The next step will be for USA Cricket to consider the implementation of anti-doping testing and education programs, but, in the meantime, all participants in official domestic cricket should familiarize themselves with the Code and Prohibited List, as well as the Prohibited List that is scheduled to be published by WADA and take effect from 1 January 2021.