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  • Call for nominations for three director seats announced
  • Preliminary List of Female International Players published for peer review
  • Deadline for director applications and comments on the preliminary list of Friday March 19th at 11.59pm PST
  • Cut-off for USA Cricket membership registration to be eligible to vote in upcoming elections set for Monday March 15th at 11.59pm PST

The Nominating and Governance Committee (‘NGC’) met last week to discuss the ongoing membership registration and to determine a revised timeline for the upcoming USA Cricket Board election. In particular, the NGC today has announced the following important dates/steps:

  1. Call For Nominations 

The election process starts with a call for nominations for each of the three director positions that are up for election: one Individual Director, the Club Director and the Female Player Director will all be determined in this election cycle. 

All prospective directors are invited to submit their application for consideration by the NGC by no later than 11.59pm PST on Friday March 19th, 2021.

  • Candidates for the role of Individual Director should click here for the relevant application form.
  • Candidates for the role of Club Director should click here for the relevant application form.
  • Candidates for the role of Female Player Director should click here for the relevant application form.

All applications should be made through the following confidential email address:

  1. List of Female International Players Eligible to Vote

All those female International Players who are eighteen years of age or older shall be entitled to vote in the election for the Female Player Director. 

The NGC has considered the previous playing records of the women’s national team and has compiled the attached list of individuals that it believes meets the definition of Female International Player under the constitution.  On the assumption that all of these players will become individual members of USA Cricket throughout this process, a copy of that preliminary list can be found here. 

In the interests of transparency and completeness, the NGC encourages all interested parties to review this list to ensure that it accurately describes the correct status of all relevant female cricketers and former cricketers.  If anybody believes there are errors with either their own record or that of any other person (whether on the list or not), please send an email to by no later than 11.59pm PST on Friday March 19th, 2021. 

All cases will be reviewed by the NGC before the final list of eligible voters is published and voting commences.

  1. Cut-off date for registration with USA Cricket to be eligible to vote

The NGC has determined that the membership registration cut-off date for all those seeking eligibility to vote in the upcoming election will conclude at 11.59pm PST on Monday, March 15th, 2021. 

The USA Cricket Membership Portal is now available for all remaining players who wish to register as members with USA Cricket, and all are encouraged to do so before the cut-off date to ensure that they are able to participate in the upcoming Board election.

The portal will also be available for all officials (i.e. match officials, coaches and administrators) who wish to register as members of USA Cricket with effect from tomorrow morning.  

USA Cricket Membership will thereafter continue to be available for players, officials, leagues, clubs and academies throughout the rest of the year, but for those wishing to vote in the upcoming Board election, registration will close at 11.59pm PST on March 15th.   As explained previously, the opportunity for individuals to pursue fan membership will be opened for registration in due course.  

The benefits of USA Cricket membership are set out in the attached brochure here.

Any questions relating to membership should be directed via email to

  1. Remaining Timeline and Next Steps

The NGC has determined the remaining steps in the process and prepared a draft timeline that anticipates the election concluding towards the end of April. 

However, the NGC appreciates that this is the first time that the new USA Cricket membership portal has been used for registration and there has been  a tremendous interest shown and an extremely large number of USAC IDs that have been issued over the past few weeks.  As such, the NGC anticipates that there will need to be some time set aside for the membership team to ensure that the data captured accurately reflects the registration activity that has taken place up to the cut-off date for registration and to address any outstanding issues. To that end, the NGC will consider a preliminary report shortly after the cut-off date and provide a further update to the community about the remaining timeline and final steps in the process after that.