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Following the conclusion of the recent USA Cricket Board election and the validation of the results by an independent certified public accounting firm, the Nominating & Governance Committee today announced the following results: 

Individual Director Election:

Candidate Votes Vote %
Ather Naqi 31 7.80%
Venu Pisike 369 92.30%

Elected – Venu Pisike

Male Player Director Election:

Candidate Votes Vote %
Srini Salver 34 73.90%
Usman Shuja 12 26.10%

Elected – Srini Salver

In accordance with the staggered terms set out in the constitution therefore:

  • Mr Pisike will now serve a three-year term as an Individual Director. 
  • Mr Salver will now serve a two-year term as Male Player Director.

The Nominating & Governance Committee would like to thank all those who engaged with the process in any way and extends its congratulations to the successful candidates.