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  • Nearly 14,000 individuals now uniquely verified in USA Cricket Membership Program
  • Players must either complete the registration process via or raise any issues arising prior to 11.59pm PST on 15th March

With only a couple of days to go before the cut-off date of 11.59pm PST on 15th March, USA Cricket is pleased to announce that unique USA Cricket IDs have now been issued to nearly 14,000 individuals, and there continues to be huge interest from Leagues, Clubs, Academies and Individuals. 

Addressing the issue of some individuals who are having difficulty completing the process, Chief Executive, Iain Higgins, commented, “Despite the fact that the vast majority have been able to complete the process, we understand that a number of individuals have experienced challenges and have not yet been able to complete their registration. Given the custom build nature of this system which requires verification of mobile phone and email addresses through links and OTPs, it was always likely that there would be some cases of this nature. For example, we have seen some verification links not being seen by users because they have ended up in junk mailboxes. 

Anybody who finds themselves in this situation should please provide details of their issue through the ‘need help’ button in the membership portal, or by writing directly to  

“Given the huge volume of continuing interest, we do not anticipate being able to resolve every notified query before the registration cut-off date.  However, each message is logged and acknowledged and immediately after the cut-off date, we will work with all those individuals who have registered their issue prior to the cut-off date with them aim of reaching a satisfactory resolution of all such matters before the Nominating & Governance Committee considers a preliminary report of eligible voters in due course.”

In short, individuals should either complete the registration process or raise any issues arising with their attempts to register prior to 11.59pm PST on 15th March.

Higgins concluded,
“I have been blown away by the level of interest for this membership program and we are delighted to be able to make such great progress in bringing the cricket community together through this platform.  In addition to providing an opportunity to so many voices to shape to the direction of USA Cricket through the upcoming election, we also look forward to establishing the League Committee pursuant to the constitution, which will give 12 Leagues (2 in each of the six Zones) with the largest number of registered clubs a formal position within the governance structure, so that they are able to help contribute to USA Cricket’s vision of making cricket a mainstream sport in the USA.” 

“We really appreciate the huge time, effort and support being shown by League, Academy and Club Administrators across the country as, through this registration, they help to lay the foundation for the largest and most inclusive Board election that the cricketing community in this country has ever seen, and a more inclusive governance structure moving forward.”

The full 2021 USA Cricket Membership brochure can be found here or viewed below.

All questions relating to the membership program or benefits should be addressed to the following e-mail address:

For more please visit