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  • More than 5,500 individuals from over 80 Leagues/Academies now uniquely verified as part of the new USA Cricket Membership Program
  • USA Cricket Board unanimously approve 30-day extension of registration timeline to cater for the overwhelming demand and interest in membership from the community
  • Nominating & Governance Committee will issue a new election timeline that incorporates the extended time period for membership registration

With the roll-out of the new Membership Portal continuing, USA Cricket is pleased to provide a number of key updates on the launch of the 2021 USA Cricket Membership Program and on the upcoming USA Cricket Elections.

USA Cricket is delighted with the progress that is being made, and can today confirm that there are over 5,500 players and parents/guardians who have so far been verified and allocated a unique USA Cricket ID, and that these individuals have aligned themselves with more than 80 different Leagues & Academies, each of whom have also committed to be part of the USA Cricket membership program in 2021.

As the process has rolled out, the demand has been overwhelming and there are many additional Leagues & Academies who are at different stages of the enrollment process, who USA Cricket continues to support. During this period, the USA Cricket Board has continued to reflect on earlier feedback from the community about the deadline for registration, as well as specific requests that have been received from other Leagues seeking more time to complete their own membership registration processes before onboarding with USA Cricket.  

Accordingly, in the continued pursuit of as wide and inclusive a membership base as possible and an election that involves as many members of it as possible, the USA Cricket Board has unanimously agreed to extend the window for membership registration by a further 30 days.  

As such, the phased approach to the ongoing membership drive will be revised and re-published in due course, with more time being allocated to each of the specific phases in the hope that this will create greater opportunity for all categories of members to join and have access to the membership portal.  

This 30-day extension for registration has been advised to the independent Nominating & Governance Committee, who will therefore issue a revised election timeline incorporating that extended registration period in due course.

USA Cricket CEO, Iain Higgins, explained, “We have seen huge interest in recent weeks in the USA Cricket Membership Program from Leagues, Clubs and Academies across the country, and many more continue to reach out for assistance. If that progress continues to track in this way over the next few weeks, the 2021 membership program and custom built portal will provide the base from which  the entire cricket community in the USA can, finally, be unified in the years to come.” 

“The USA Cricket Board recognizes just how important that could be and all of our efforts at this stage remain fully focused on supporting the League and Academy administrators and their players and providing them with additional tools to be able to complete fully and effectively the initial phase of the membership drive. With a bit more time now available, we will be fine-tuning the technology that supports the portal and turning our attention to providing support to those Clubs whose Leagues have not registered yet and then, importantly, to all Individuals who have not by that point been registered.  Further updates on the revised timing of the next few phases of the launch will be issued shortly.”

“We are extremely grateful to all of the administrators of all of the Leagues and Academies who are supporting this process.  If there are any other Leagues and Academies who are interested in joining and who are not already in contact with us, please contact us via as soon as possible.”

The full 2021 USA Cricket Membership brochure can be found here or viewed below.

All questions relating to the membership program or benefits should be addressed to the following e-mail address:

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