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Following the announcement of the roll-out of the new Membership Portal, USA Cricket is pleased to provide an update on the launch of the 2021 USA Cricket Membership Program.

Today marks the end of the first phase of the launch, with players from more than sixty Leagues and Academies from across the country now having completed the verification process and being allocated with unique USA Cricket individual member identifications.

USA Cricket CEO, Iain Higgins, said, “It has been an extremely busy but productive start to 2021 with the launch of our new Membership Portal. As we had anticipated with the launch of a project of this scale, we have experienced some initial challenges with the onboarding experience and technology, but we have resolved most of those issues now and the process is smoothing out.      

We have been extremely pleased by the reaction of the cricket community, with new Leagues and Academies showing great interest and getting involved. We have been in contact with many of them over the past year or so, and, during the coming week, we will be focusing on helping some of those who have expressed interest to come on board in accordance with the previously announced phased approach. 

In addition, our focus this week will be on rolling out the functionality that will allow League, Academy and Club administrators to use the portal themselves to manage their own membership, as well as integrating personal news feeds for each Individual, Club and League member.  We would like to thank everyone for their interest and support in getting involved, and encourage all Leagues, Clubs & Academies who are yet to do so to please reach out to us as soon as possible.”

An overview of the timeline of the Membership Portal Launch

Higgins also addressed the categorization of the various Leagues, Clubs and Academies, explaining,
“I am aware of comments appearing in the public domain that misleadingly suggest that decisions have already been made about whether a League meets the constitutional criteria or not for the purposes of voting rights. This is absolutely not the case. I can assure the community that the independent Nominating and Governance Committee will be responsible for determining the eligibility of any constituent member (whether Individual, Club or League/Academy ) to vote in any future election, and that the NGC will be considering these matters in more detail in due course. Any suggestion that such decisions have already been made are completely false, and the manner in which the Leagues/Academies currently appear on the membership portal do not reflect any formal categorization having been made.”

The full 2021 USA Cricket Membership brochure can be found here or viewed below.

All questions relating to the membership program or benefits should be addressed to the following e-mail address:

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