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Each week we’ll be asking a prominent cricket person a series of six questions. Get to know your fellow cricket lovers better, and catch up on what these people are doing in cricket all over the country and the world.

Davy Jacobs is an ex-first class wicketkeeper/batsman from South Africa who has played t20 franchise cricket for the Mumbai Indians and the Red Steel in the CPL. He was Sachin Tendulkar’s opening partner when Sachin scored his only IPL century. Jacobs now resides in the greater Toronto area and is still heavily involved in playing and coaching cricket.

Here’s Davy’s answers to the #SixHitter questions.

1.Tell us how you got involved in Cricket, what’s your role/association now? 

I started playing at a really young age, and turned pro at around 17 or 18. I moved to Canada in 2015 after retiring from professional cricket, and started my position as head coach at OCA (Ontario Cricket Academy). In 2016 I coached the Canadian National Team. It looks like I will qualify to play for Canada towards the end of 2018, so it is something I am considering.

2. Describe yourself in three words

Here goes Falco.

3. What is your earliest cricket memory? 

At around the age of seven, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a right hander or a lefty. I would be a lefty in one game, and switch around the next weekend, scores being pretty similar. So my coach called my dad in for a meeting, and said we had to pick one, and so we did.

4. What is your favourite cricket moment of all time?

That’s a hard one to answer. Lots of special moments at different stages of my career. Taking the Warriors from being the worst team in South Africa to winning two trophies in one year is something I will always remember. Another one that is right up there must be, opening the batting with Tendulkar. Walking down the steps with him at Wankhede in his hometown in Mumbai was really special.

5. What is the one development you would like to see in domestic cricket, and in international cricket? 

I have realized over the last 2 years how fortunate you actually are to play pro cricket. There are so many good players around the world, just under the pro level, it is incredible. Countries such as Canada, USA, Oman etc, they should be provided with opportunities and structures for proper development.

I love how “minor” countries compete at soccer World Cups , there are always a few upsets, and the world absolutely loves underdogs. It is what dreams are made of, and such upsets inspire millions, in so many different ways. So I would love to see more associate nations featuring at World Cups and ICC Tournaments, especially in T20 format.

6. Where do see cricket in the USA in 10 years’ time? 

In the USA? I think it has the potential to be really big by then. The ICC wants it to pick up, and they are really pushing it, so that’s great. Apart from India, it is the biggest market. There’s mad love for cricket in the U.S. and Canada, so I am sure it will continue to grow, I really hope it does, these guys deserve it.